Table 2.

Effects of different aromatase inhibitors and inactivators on whole-body aromatization

CompoundDrug dose in mg% Aromatase inhibitionRef.
Aminoglutethimide250 qid90.6%(138)
Formestane (p.o.)125 od/125 bid/250 od72.3%/70%/57.3%(140)
Formestane (i.m.)250 2w/500 2w/500w84.8%/91.9%/92.5%(137)
Rogletimide200 bid/400 bid/800 bid50.6%/63.5%/73.8%(138)
Fadrozole1 bid/2 bid82.4%/92.6%(37)
Anastrozole1 od/10 od96.7%/98.1%(142)
1 od97.3%(38)
Letrozole0.5 od/2.5 od98.4%/98.9%(141)
2.5 od>99.1%(38)
Exemestane25 od97.9%(130)
  • NOTE: All values are determined by the same assay at the Academic Department of Biochemistry, Royal Marsden Hospital, London, United Kingdom (Head: Prof. M. Dowsett) and the Breast Cancer Research Group at the Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway (Head: Prof. P.E. L√łnning).

    Abbreviations: od, once daily; bid, twice daily; qid, four times daily; w, weekly; 2w, every 2 weeks.