Table 1.

Vaccine trials in patients with advanced colorectal cancer

ReferenceVaccineAdjuvantsRouteColorectal cancer patientsCR + PRMRSDHumoral immune response
Cellular immune response
Type of responsen / totalType of responsen / total
Bhattachary-Chatterjee et al. (21)Antibody anti-Id 3H1Aluminum hydroxidei.c.2300NRAnti-anti-idiotypic17/23ND
Conry et al. (22)Vaccinia virus expressing CEANonei.d. vs s.c.20002NDLymphoproliferation0/20
Conry et al. (23)CEA/HepB-PlasmidHbsAGi.m.17005Antibody0/17Lymphoproliferation0/17
Denton et al. (24)Antibody 105AD7Aluminum hydroxidei.m.13003NDLymphoproliferation9/13
Fong et al. (25)DC + CEA peptideNonei.v.101 (PR)11NDProliferation/tetramer7/12
Foon et al. (26)Antibody anti-Id CEAAluminum hydroxidei.d.2300NRAntibody, anti-idiotype17/23Lymphoproliferation10/23
Goydos et al. (27)Synthetic MUC-1 peptideBCGi.d.30002NDCTLp7/22
Horig et al. (28)ALVAC expressing CEA and B7.1ALVAC, B7.1i.m.13002NDELISPOT3/11
Itoh et al. (29)DC + CEA peptideIFN-α, TNF-αi.v.7001NDND
Liang et al. (13)Auto-tumor + NDVNDVi.d.134 (1 CR, 3 PR)08NDND
Liu et al. (30)DC + CEA peptideNoneIntranodal (inguinal lymph node)10002NDELISPOT, IC-FC7/10
Marshall et al. (31)Vaccinia/avipox virus expressing CEAGM-CSF, IL-2s.c.1100NIAntibody4/4ELISPOT7/10
Marshall et al. (32)Vaccinia/avipox virus expressing CEA + TRICOMTRICOM, some GM-CSFi.d./s.c.3500NINIELISPOT10/13
Matsuda et al. (33)DC + CEA peptideNones.c.7002NDELISPOT after in vitro stimulation4/7
McAneny et al. (34)Vaccinia virus expressing CEANonei.d.17000NDND
Miyagi et al. (35)SART3-peptidesIncomplete Freund's adjuvants.c.12001Anti-peptide antibody0/12CTLp (IFN-γ)7/11
Morse et al. (36)DC + CEA peptide1 pt. IL-2i.v./some i.d. + i.v.11000NDND
Morse et al. (37)DC CEA mRNA transfectedFew IL-2i.v. + i.d.11000NDND
Morse et al. (38)DC infected with fowlpox expressing CEA + TRICOMTRICOMi.d. and s.c.11000NDND
Moulton et al. (39)β-HCG-peptide conjugated to diphtheria-toxinDiphtheriatoxini.m.77000Anti-β-HCG antibody56/77ND
Moviglia (40)Tumor B-cell lymphocyte hybridomaB cellsi.m.5032NDND
Neidhart et al. (41)EpCAM protein with MPLMPL liposomes/GM-CSFs.c.11003Anti-EpCAM antibody8/11ELISPOT7/11
Rains et al. (42)DC + tumor RNAKLHi.v.15000NDND
Sadanaga et al. (43)DC + MAGE 3 peptideNonei.v.3010NDChromium release0/2
Samonigg et al. (44)Antibody SCV 106 mimicking 17-1AAluminum hydroxides.c.2100017-1A (Ab3)12/21ND
Sato et al. (45)Multi-peptide (SART, Ick, CyB)Montanide isa-51s.c.10011Anti-pepide antibody7/12Chromium release4/8
Sobol et al. (46)Autologous tumor + retroviral vector-IL-2 in autologous fibroblastsFibroblasts producing IL-2s.c.10001Anti-tumor antibody0/4Chromium release2/6
Tsuruma et al. (47)Survivin peptideNones.c.17013NDTetramer/ELISPOT1/17
Ueda et al. (48)DC + CEA peptideNones.c./i.d.11003NDChromium release2/7
von Mehren et al. (49)ALVAC expressing CEA + B7.1B7.1i.d.2800NININD
Wiseman et al. (50)Autologous tumorNoneintralymphatic3012NDND
Woodlock et al. (51)Allogeneic tumor cells + IL-1aDETOX, in some IL-1ai.d.22020NDSkin test with colorectal cancer cell lines19/22
Total5275 (0.9%)10 (1.9%)44 (8.3%)121/204 (59%)106/242 (44%)
  • Abbreviations: ND, not done; NI, not identifiable; NR, not reported; CEA, carcinoembryonic antigen; IC-FC, intracellular cytokine flow cytometry; DC, dendritic cells; NDV, Newcastle disease virus; ELISPOT, enzyme-linked immunosorbent spot; IL, interleukin; β-HCG, β-human chorionic gonadotropin.