Table 1.

Classification of breast cancer cell lines

NameMean TRF (kb)Tumor subtype/genetic background*
MCF-7 adenocarcinoma3.0ER+, p53+, luminal
MDA-MB-231 adenocarcinoma4.5ER−, p53−, basal-like
SKBR3 adenocarcinoma6.2-7.5HER2+, ER−, p53−
HCC1937 primary ductal carcinoma3.5BRCA1mut, ER−, p53−, basal-like
21NT nontumorigenic2.7HER2+, p53−
HME50-T (transformed HME)10.5 and 2.5p53mut, exohTERT+, H-RasV12+
  • * p53− indicates p53 is nonfunctional or not expressed; HER-2+ indicates amplification of HER2 gene; BRCA1mut indicates an inherited mutation in BRCA1 (5382insC); exohTERT+ indicates exogenous overexpression of hTERT.