Table 1.

Correlations between TuMs and clinical characteristics

Age (≤/>55 y)Size (≤/>3 cm)Grade*LNERPRLVI
TuM10.210.0152 (≤3)<0.0010.15<0.001 (+)0.0107 (+)0.0152 (−)
TuM20.170.150.0050.06<0.001 (+)0.0021 (+)0.19
TuM30.220.180.1050.08<0.001 (+)0.0015 (+)0.94
  • NOTE: Significant correlations (P < 0.05) are highlighted in bold. TuM1 is positively correlated with small tumor size (≤3), low grade, ER+, progesterone receptor positive, and lymphovascular invasion negative.

    Abbreviations: LN, lymph node; PR, progesterone receptor; LVI, lymphovascular invasion.

  • * Grade is used as a continuous variable (also see Supplementary Information S7).

  • The variable inside the parentheses indicates the direction of correlation with the TuMs.