Table 3.

Boron concentrations and radiation absorbed dose to tumor, brain, and blood

GroupBoron concentrations (μg/g)*
Absorbed dose (Gy)
CED BD-L8A432.7 ± 3.6<0.5<
i.v. BPA10.7 ± 1.73.8 ± 1.15.2 ±
CED BD-L8A4 i.v. BPA44.5 ± 11.14.2 ± 0.54.0 ±
  • * Boron content was quantified by means of direct current plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy. These values were obtained from rats that had received CED of BD-L8A4 (40 μg 10B/750 mg L8A4) alone 24 hours earlier or in combination with i.v. BPA (500 mg/kg body weight equivalent to 27 mg 10B/kg body weight), which was given 2.5 hours before euthanization.

  • Absorbed dose determinations include contributions from γ-photons, 14N(n,p)14C and 10B(n,α) 7Li reactions.

  • Boron concentrations were determined in the tumor-bearing cerebral hemisphere after excision of the tumor.