Table 1.

Summary reports of the 38 patient samples

Case No.Sex (age)Lesion analyzedIPMN nuclear gradeDifferentiation of invasive carcinoma, if present in resectionLocation within pancreasMaximum dimension (cm)*
1M (62)IPMN, borderline2Not applicableBody
2M (73)IPMC with invasion3ModerateHead and body4
3M (67)IPMC with invasion3ModerateHead
4M (69)IPMC3Not applicableHead3.5
5F (75)IPMC with invasion3ModerateHead5.5
6F (68)IPMC with invasion3ModerateHead5
7M (65)IPMN, borderline2PoorHead5
8F (66)IPMN, borderline2Not applicableUncinate process2
9M (84)IPMC with invasion3ModerateHead5
10M (53)IPMN, adenoma1Not applicableHead3.5
11M (71)IPMC with invasion2-3Not applicableHead
12M (81)IPMC3Not applicableHead2.5
13M (63)IPMC3Moderate to poorHead2.3
14M (66)IPMC with invasion3Moderate to poorHead6
15F (70)IPMC with invasion3Moderate to poorHead and body7
16F (70)IPMC with invasion3ModerateHead1.5
17M (72)IPMN, borderline2Not applicableHead0.4
18F (53)Mucinous cystadenoma1Not applicableHead3
19M (79)IPMC with invasion3Moderate to poorHead6
20M (63)IPMC with invasion3Moderate to poorHead3.5
21M (77)IPMN, adenoma1Not applicableHead and body2.2
22F (62)Mucinous cystadenoma1Not applicableHead2
23M (41)IPMC with invasion3Moderate to poorHead5
24M (71)IPMC with invasion3Moderate to poorHead1.5
25F (58)IPMN, adenoma1Not applicableHead1.5
26M (49)IPMC with invasion3ModerateHead4.5
27M (71)IPMC with invasion3Moderate to poorHead5.5
28M (74)IPMC3WellHead and body
29M (59)IPMC3PoorHead7
30M (81)IPMC with invasion3Moderate to poorHead3
31F (80)IPMC with invasion3Moderate to poorHead5
32F (66)IPMC with invasion3PoorHead3
33F (77)IPMC with invasion3PoorHead3
34M (73)IPMC with invasion3PoorHead5.5
35F (77)IPMC with invasion3WellHead3.2
36F (61)IPMC with invasion3WellHead1
37M (62)IPMC with invasion3ModerateHead2.2
38F (59)IPMC with invasion3ModerateHead3.4
  • * Maximum tumor size includes both invasive and noninvasive components of tumor; —, not available.

  • Invasive carcinoma was associated with IPMN/IPMC in pancreatic resection, but lesion analyzed did not sample invasive carcinoma.