Table 1.

Treatment regimens for in vitro and in vivo transfections

(A) Treatment regimen used to transfect cells with DNA constructs with the same ratio of Lipofectamine 2000 to DNA in each case (1:1)
GroupTreatment per well
p2ΦC31-IFNγ 11.3 kb1 μg
Minicircle-IFNγ 1.6 kb
    mc-A (weight:weight)1 μg
    mc-B (mole:mole with stuffer DNA)0.14 μg + 0.86 μg pSP72
    mc-C (mole:mole without stuffer DNA)0.14 μg
pShuttle-IFNγ 4.6 kb1 μg
(B) Treatment regimen used for NPC-xenografted mice
0.9% NaCl100 μL/d
Lipofectamine*60 μL/wk
p2ΦC31 + Lipofectamine*15 μg p2ΦC31 + 60 μL Lipofectamine/wk
r-hu-IFNγ*100 × 104 IU/kg/d
p2ΦC31-IFNγ*15 μg p2ΦC31-IFNγ + 60 μL Lipofectamine/wk
mc-A*15 μg minicircle-IFNγ + 60 μL Lipofectamine/wk
mc-B*2.1 μg minicircle-IFNγ + 12.9 μg pSP72 + 60 μL Lipofectamine/wk
  • * 0.9% NaCl solution was added to adjust the total volume to 100 μL.