Table 2.

Summary of univariate statistics for Cox regression model

Univariate statistics for Cox regression: overall survival
VariableMean (SD)Hazard ratioLower 0.95 confidence limitUpper 0.95 confidence limitnEventsP
Node stage1.841.172.8773280.01
Tumor stage1.330.891.9870260.17
Age61.1 (10.4)1.100.811.5073280.55
FDG SUVmax10.8 (4.5)1.440.882.3752150.14
T/Bmax1.6 (0.46)1.681.222.3273280.002
sHV*2.8 (2.4)1.461.012.1169250.04
  • NOTE: For the continuous variables, the hazard ratio and the confidence intervals should be interpreted as the increase in survival risk associated with an increase of 1 SD of the independent variables. P values for significant variables are in bold type.

  • * For statistical purposes only, a square root transformation was used on the HV data (sHV).