Table 2.

Median effect analysis of BCR-ABL-positive cell lines sensitive and resistant to the Abl kinase inhibitor imatinib treated with the combination of imatinib and CT32228

Cell lineDose ratio
Baf/BCR-ABL2:10.97 (0.02)0.82 (0.05)
Baf/BCR-ABLM351T10:10.83 (0.79-0.86)0.73 (0.66-0.79)
Baf/BCR-ABL-r125:10.92 (0.78-1.07)0.80 (0.62-0.99)
K5625:11.09 (1.03-1.16)1.01 (0.94-1.08)
32Dp2102:10.96 (0.16)0.87 (0.14)
  • NOTE: Indicated cell lines were treated with a fixed ratio of increasing concentrations of either drug and analyzed by the MTS assay. Data analyis was done by the Calcusyn software. Only cells with significant growth modulation by either drug alone can be analyzed (all except Baf/BCR-ABLT315I, which is completely resistant to imatinib). Combination index values are given at different levels of growth inhibition (IC80 and IC90) and indicate antagonism (>1), additivity (1), or synergy (<1) of combined treatment. Reported values represent mean of two or three independent experiments. The range of individual results (two experiments) or the SD (three experiments) is indicated in the parenthesis.

    Abbreviation: NA, not analyzed.