Table 1.

Patient demographics and disease characteristics

Age, y (range)
    Mean63.3 (29-91)
    Male36 (63%)
    Female21 (37%)
    African American2 (4%)
    Caucasian52 (91%)
    Hispanic3 (5%)
    Median Karnofsky score (%)90
NHL histology at enrollment
    Small lymphocytic lymphoma8
    Marginal zone B-cell9
Stage at enrollment
Prior therapies
    Median number3
Prior NHL therapy received (%)
Specific anti-CD20 therapy
    Rituxan alone100
    Rituxan combination36
    High-dose chemotherapy6
  • * Therapy with either tositumomab I-131 (Bexxar) or ibritumomab tiuxetan (Zevalin).

  • Antibiotic, anti-neoplastin, CpG experimental therapy, autologous lymphoma-derived heat shock protein peptide complex, and hormonal therapy.