Table 4.

Frequency of methylated genes according to clinicopathologic features

CharacteristicsNo. patients*HLTFHPP1hMLH1
% PositiveP% PositiveP% PositiveP
Size of tumor0.030.0210.047
    T1 + T2 + T390281120
Nodal status0.5140.0260.494
Distant metastases0.009<0.0010.181
UICC stage0.042<0.0010.648
  • * For one patient, tumor localization and information on TNM staging was not available.

  • P values were calculated by the χ2 test.

  • Right colon includes cecum through transverse colon.

  • § Left colon includes descending colon through rectum.

  • Relative risk was calculated for G3 versus G1 and G2. G3 includes all cases classified as G3 or G2-G3.