Table 5.

Results of univariate analysis

VariableNo. patients who died/total no.Relative risk of death (95% CI)*P*
Size of tumor0.025
    T1 + T2 + T321/66
    T47/101.3 (1.1-1.6)
Nodal status0.065
    N118/371.4 (1.0-3.8)
Distant metastases0.034
    M19/152.5 (1.1-5.6)
    Left22/601.1 (0.4-2.7)0.873
    Rectum16/371.3 (0.9-1.9)0.198
    G3§14/351.2 (0.6-2.6)
UICC stage0.025
    II5/240.7 (0.2-2.9)
    III11/272.1 (0.7-6.0)
    IV9/151.9 (0.8-4.5)
HLTF methylation0.008
    Methylated11/173.0 (1.4-6.4)
HPP1 methylation0.001
    Methylated8/95.1 (2.2-11.6)
hMLH1 methylation0.425
    Methylated8/181.4 (0.6-3.1)
HPP1 ± HLTF<0.001
    Methylated14/204.2 (2.0-9.0)
  • * 95% CIs and P values were calculated by the Cox proportional hazards regression analysis.

  • Right colon includes cecum through transverse colon.

  • Left colon includes descending colon through rectum.

  • § G3 includes all cases classified as G3 or as G2-G3. The relative risk was calculated for G1 and G2 versus G3.