Table 2.

CD16 surface expression NK cells correlates with the frequency of NK cells in renal cell carcinoma tumors

n*%NK (range)%CD16+ (range)
NK-PBMC§1312.7 (2.0-26.0)89.5 (72.4-98.7)
NK-TIL2259.3 (24.8-96.9)
High NK-TIL735.4 (22.0-62.1)89.9 (82.0-96.9)
Low NK-TIL1412.2 (5.9-17.9)43.5 (24.8-68.9)
  • * Number of lymphocyte populations investigated.

  • Mean percentage (range) of CD3CD56+ NK cells.

  • Mean percentage (range) of CD16+ cells within gated CD3CD56+ NK cells.

  • § PBMC from renal cell carcinoma patients.

  • TIL from renal cell carcinoma tissues, grouped according to their NK cell content (high-NK-TIL, >20% NK; low-NK-TIL, <20% NK).

  • P value between both groups of NK-TIL was <0.0001 (other P values are given in the text).