Table 2.

Sequencing results for Barrett's epithelium and NSE

PatientGeneBarrett's epitheliumNSE
1p53C388TWild type
2p53C388TWild type
3p53C455TWild type
4p53G518AWild type
5p53C535TWild type
6p53T650GWild type
7p53A659GWild type
8p53G743AWild type
9p53G743AWild type
10p53G743AWild type
11p53G818TWild type
12p16174 2bp delWild type
13p16198 146bp del198 146bp del
14p16235 11bp delWild type
15p16NR (C238T)Wild type
16p16C238TWild type
17p16C247TWild type
18p16C247TWild type
19p16G262TWild type
20p16NR (G330A)Wild type
  • NOTE: Sequencing results for the TP53 and p16 genes for Barrett's epithelium and NSE. Mutation locations are given as the nucleotide mutated or the beginning base of the indicated deletion.