Table 1.

Patient ages and outcomes

CancerPatient no.Age (y), mean (range)Survival (n)
Colon cancer458 (48-69)NA
Breast cancer661 (38-70)NA
Esophagus cancer362 (41-76)NA
Ewing's sarcoma512.5 (10-16)4
Osteosarcoma515.5 (10-17)4
Rhabdomyosarcoma47.5 (4-12)3
Hepatoblastoma41.6 (0.5-4)4
Neuroblastoma42.0 (0.25-5)3
Wilms' tumor53.3 (1-9)5
  • NOTE: Selected tumor samples representing typical adult and pediatric cancers were analyzed by immunohistochemistry for the presence of tumor-infiltrating leukocytes. Samples were taken at diagnosis.

    Abbreviation: NA, not applicable.