Table 1.

Clinical information for the epithelial ovarian specimens

Patient no.StageHistopathologyPFS (mo)Patient no.StageHistopathologyPFS (mo)
A. Test set 1*
    O2IIIPD adenocarcinoma7O98IIIPD14
    O86IIICMD712TIIICSP, adenocarcinoma60
    O37IVNA4O44IVSP, adenocarcinoma20
    AN2IIIASP, adenocarcinomaNA26TIVSP, adenocarcinoma39
    20TIIICSP, adenocarcinoma4O100IVMD12
    O99IIISP, PD(8)O56IIICPD16
    O8IIIMGC(6)AN3IIICSerous, adenocarcinoma(9)
    O5IIIPD adenocarcinoma510TIIICSP, adenocarcinoma12
1TIIICSP, adenocarcinoma(60)
B. Test set 2
    O8IIIMGC(6)O44IVSP, adenocarcinoma20
    20TIIICSP, adenocarcinoma4O98IIIUN14
    S3IIIUN8 (10)S5IIISP18 (>67)
    S11IIIAdenocarcinoma6 (6)S25IVPA14 (15)
    S13IVUN4 (7)Z6IIIAdenocarcinoma17 (29)
    S22IIIAdenocarcinoma4 (>54)Z16IIIUN16 (33)
    S24IVMucinous4 (4)Z18IIIAdenocarcinoma36 (79)
    Z5IIIUN2 (22)Z31IIIMucinous17 (44)
    Z25IVAdenocarcinoma12 (16)Z35IIISerous34 (58)
    Z46IIIUN11 (43)Z57IIISP22 (24)
    Z56IVAdenocarcinoma9 (14)Z80IIISerous22 (50)
    Z75IIISerous6 (7)Z102IIISerous25 (>47)
    Z77IVPA5 (38)Z107IIIClear cell>46 (>46)
    Z78IIISP2 (7)Z112IIIUN>44 (>44)
    Z86IIISerous9 (18)Z122IVSerous28 (>34)
    Z105IIISerous11 (13)CSOC871IIICSP25 (79)
    Z125IIISerous9 (12)CSOC894IIICSP59 (85)
    CSOC914IIICSP6 (9)CSOC896IIICSP17 (52)
    CSOC954IIIAClear cell6 (11)CSOC975IVSP50 (69)
    CSOC1002IIICSP7 (37)CSOC1024IVSP21 (23)
  • NOTE: Where PFS data were not available, overall survival data are listed in parentheses.

    Abbreviations: SP, serous papillary; MGC, malignant granulosa cell; MD, moderately differentiated; PD, poorly differentiated; UN, unknown.

  • * Separation of tumors into the two clinical subgroups was delineated by hierarchical clustering analysis of methylation microarray data.

  • Tumors overlapping test set.