Table 2.

Expression of GPC3 in HCC tissue, quantification of serum-soluble GPC3, and GPC3-specific CTL induction in HCC patients

AgeGenderState of tumor*GPC3 expressionSerum GPC3HLA expression§CTL induction
HLA-A2 (A*0201)–positive patients
HLA-A24 (A*2402)-positive patients
  • Abbreviations: F, female; M, male; ND, not determined.

  • * Tumor-node-metastasis classification.

  • Positive (+) or negative (−) staining of tumor cells in contrast with peritumor normal tissue as background staining.

  • Serum levels >106 ng/mL were evaluated as positive.

  • § Immunohistochemical staining of the membrane of tumor cells was evaluated as positive.

  • Specific lytic activity (≧20%) at E:T ratio = 20 against HepG2 target cells was evaluated as positive by 51Cr release assay.