Table 1.

Analysis of oblimersen levels (pmol/g tissue) in large cell lymphoma (RL) from SCID beige mice treated with oblimersen ± bortezomib

CohortAverage ± SDChange in oblimersen with bortezomib (%)P
Oblimersen (12 h post)5.3 ± 1.5not applicable
Oblimersen + bortezomib (12 h post)7.72 ± 2.1320.1
Oblimersen (24 h post)1.3 ± 0.860.86not applicable
Oblimersen + bortezomib (24 h post)2.9 ± 0.76550.02
  • NOTE: The percentage of change in oblimersen levels is based on a comparison to those cells treated with oblimersen alone at the same time point (i.e., 12 or 24 hours).