Table 4.

Multivariate Cox proportional analysis for overall survival, including known clinicopathologic factors, HPV DNA copy number, and HPV full-length E6 mRNA expression

VariableHazard ratio (95% CI)P
Lymph node status14.52 (1.00-210.48)0.050
Parametrium infiltration1.87 (0.25-13.86)0.540
Vaginal wall infiltration2.39 (0.27-21.47)0.435
Depth of infiltration1.05 (0.90-1.23)0.516
Tumor size1.05 (0.97-1.13)0.207
Vasoinvasion0.68 (0.60-7.81)0.759
DNA copy number1.43 (0.53-3.86)0.481
Full-length E6/E7 mRNA expression7.99 (1.21-52.78)0.031
  • NOTE: Lymph node status, parametrial infiltration, vaginal wall infiltration, and vasoinvasion were binary variables (0 for negative, 1 for positive); depth of infiltration, tumor size, DNA copies, and full-length E6/E7 expression were continuous variables. Viral DNA copy number and mRNA expression were log transformed.

    Abbreviation: 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.