Table 1.

Sorafenib inhibits growth of Ba/F3 cell expressing the imatinib-resistant Δ557-558/T670I KIT gatekeeper double mutant

CompoundBa/F3 cells*
Sorafenib (IC50)6 ± 14,920 ± 1,07014 ± 25,940 ± 1,9206,400 ± 1,360
  • * Parental Ba/F3 cells or cells expressing KIT D557-558 or the imatinib-resistant D557-558/T670I double mutant were plated in complete medium with or without IL-3 and different doses of sorafenib. After 72 h, cell growth was evaluated by measuring luminescence with a CellTiter-Glo kit. Average IC50 (nmol/L) for Ba/F3 cellular proliferation was calculated by using linear regression method (GraphPad Software, Inc.) from at least three experiments (minus IL-3: n > 3; plus IL-3: n = 3) and is reported as means ± SE.