Table 2.

List of abbreviations and standard terms commonly used in DCE-MRI pharmacokinetic analyses

SymbolShort nameUnitEnd point
KtransVolume transfer constant between plasma and EESmin−1Primary
kepRate constant between EES and plasmamin−1Secondary
KiUnidirectional transfer constantmin−1
CpTracer concentration in arterial blood plasmammol/L
C(t)Concentration of contrast agent at time t in each voxelmmol/L
veVolume of EES per unit volume tissueNoneSecondary
vpBlood plasma volumeNoneSecondary
CBVCerebral blood volumemLPrimary
EInitial extraction ratio
FFlowmL g−1 min−1
PTotal capillary wall permeabilitycm min−1
PSPermeability-surface area product per unit mass of tissuemL min−1
IAUGCInitial area under gadolinium concentration agent- time curvemmol/L Gd minPrimary
  • NOTE: Data were adapted from ref. 4.

  • Abbreviation: EES, extracellular extravascular space.