Table 3.

Analysis of factors that may affect the survival of patients with stage II/III colorectal carcinoma (n = 100)

CharacteristicsUnivariate, PMultivariate, P
Age (y)
    <50 vs ≥500.770.82
    Male vs female0.950.70
Performance status
    0 vs 1, 20.120.08
Primary tumor
    Colon vs rectum0.560.91
Histologic differentiation
    Well-moderate vs poorly0.220.49
Invasive extent
    T1-T2 vs T3-T40.030.05
Nodal status
    Negative vs positive0.040.03
Subsequent distant metastasis
    No vs yes0.01<0.01
Preoperative CEA level (ng/mL)
    ≤6 vs >60.480.65
EGFR codon 497 polymorphism
    G/G (wild-type) vs G/A or A/A0.020.03
  • NOTE: According to international TNM staging system for colorectal carcinoma.