Table 2.

Comparison of best study response between treatment arms

Best study responseP600 arm (n = 47)P900 arm (n = 45)Difference between treatment arms
CR, n (%)02 (4.4)
PR, n (%)8 (17.0)5 (11.1)
SD, n (%)23 (48.9)24 (53.3)
PD, n (%)14 (29.8)13 (28.9)
Unknown, n (%)2 (4.3)1 (2.2)
Responders (CR + PR), n (%)8 (17.0)7 (15.6)
95% CI7.7-30.86.5-29.5
  • Abbreviations: CR, complete response; PR, partial response; SD, stable disease; PD, progressive disease.

  • * The between-group P value was derived with the Fisher's exact test based on response category (CR, PR, SD, PD, unknown). The within-group P value is for the one-sided test of the null hypothesis of response rate ≤0.2.

  • Mantel-Haenszel test of column mean score difference in tumor response (based on CR, PR, SD, PD, unknown) between the two arms.