Table 2.

Expression of AhR, CYP1B1, and CYP1A1 in mixed BAC and invasive adenocarcinoma

Mixed adenocarcinoma (n = 57)Cases* (%)
High AhRHigh CYP1B1Positive CYP1A1
Adenocarcinoma32 (56)32 (56)21 (37)
BAC27 (47)29 (51)7 (12)
Adjacent bronchiolar epithelium§6 (11)16 (28)14 (25)
  • * Cases represent the number of cases with high AhR, high CYP1B1, or positive CYP1A1 expression in each group. AhR, CYP1B1, and CYP1A1 proteins were detected by immunohistochemical methods. The expression levels were calculated as the percentage of cases showing cells with cytoplasmic staining scored as previously described in Table 1 as well as in Materials and Methods.

  • P < 0.05, χ2 for trend test.

  • Six specimens of BAC were not done for CYP1A1 immunohistochemistry.

  • § Five specimens of adjacent bronchiolar epithelia were not done for CYP1B1 immunohistochemistry.