Table 2.

Effect of age on the 4D-ELF/LEBS–derived optical markers recorded from the periampullary duodenal mucosa

Optical markerCorrelation coefficient, controlCorrelation coefficient, cancer
4D-ELF spectral slope0.43*−0.025
Fractal dimension−0.0050.049
LEBS autocorrelation decay rate−0.0960.31*
LEBS FWHM0.14−0.48
LEBS enhancement factor0.021−0.39
  • NOTE: The correlation coefficients between age and optical markers were stratified by diseases (control versus pancreatic cancer). The correlation coefficient was calculated using linear regression with the individual optical marker as the dependent variable and age as the predictor.

  • * This optical marker decreases in pancreatic cancer patients' group. Therefore, the slight positive correlation (i.e., this optical marker increases with age) indicates that if the risk of developing pancreatic cancer increases with older age, this marker would be more efficient in differentiating control and pancreatic cancer in patients with older age.