Table 1.

Patient characteristics

Patient no.AgeSexSite of recurrent tumorHistologyPrior IFN-α2b (dose; route; duration)Time interval from prior IFN-α2b until biopsyPrior therapies/response
147FNeckMelanoma, epithelioid, frequent tumor cell necrosis.NoneNot ApplicableCisplatin, vinblastine, dacarbazine, no response. Gamma knife therapy for brain metastases.
283MAxillary skinMelanoma, epithelioid with pleomorphic nuclei having prominent nucleoli.3 MU/m2; s.c. 3×/wk (adjuvant); duration, 1 mo11 wksRadiation therapy to axilla, disease recurred.
346MChestPartially pigmented epithelioid melanoma with pleomorphic nuclei having prominent nucleoli.20 MU/m2; i.v. 5×/wk (adjuvant); duration, 12 mo3 yDisease recurred after IFN-α2b therapy.
471FThighMelanoma, epithelioid, involving subcutaneous soft tissue.3 MU/m2; s.c. 3×/wk (for recurrent disease); duration, 13 mo2 yFailed treatment on the C-Vax trial. Flattening of recurrent skin lesions was observed in response to IFN-α. However, tumor recurred at the surgical site 13 mo following completion of IFN-α.
551MBackMelanoma, epithelioid, extensive infiltrate into the dermis and adipose tissue.20 MU/m2; i.v.; 5×/wk (adjuvant); duration, 12 moRecurred while on IFN-α2bRecurrent disease while patient was receiving IFN-α2b therapy.
671MBackMelanoma involving the deep dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue. Neural invasion by tumor was noted.NoneNot applicableC-Vax trial. Recurrence within the resection scar during therapy on the trial.