Table 2.

Clinical course of individual patients

PatientAfter stopping erlotinib or gefitinibAfter resuming erlotinib or gefitinib
1No changeNo change
2Increased coughCough stable
3Seizure, increase in size of brain metsBrain mets stable
4No changeNo change
5Increased coughCough stable
6Increased pleural effusionImproved*
7No changeNo change
9Increased painPain stabilized
10Increased cough, hemoptysisImproved cough and hemoptysis
11Liver failureDeath
12Pain/weaknessNo change
13Increased fatigue/weaknessIncreased pain
  • * Required drainage of pleural effusion before resumption of gefitinib.

  • Came off study before completing the first four CT and PET/CT scans.