Table 3.

Changes in tumor on CT and FDG-PET

After stopping gefitinib or erlotinibAfter restarting gefitinib or erlotinib3 wks after adding everolimus
Median change in tumor diameter+9%−1%−8%
Mean change in tumor diameter+9%1%−9%
Range in change in tumor diameter−13% to +29%−14% to +23%−34% to +15%
Median change in tumor volume+50%−1%−11%
Mean change in tumor volume+61%−4%−10%
Range in change in tumor volume−4% to +260%−27% to 15%−40% to +26%
Median change in SUVmax+18%−4%−18%
Mean change in SUVmax+23%−11%−11%
Range in change in SUVmax−17% to +87%−45% to +62%−39% to +82%