Table 1.

Clinical features of MM patients at diagnosis

No. patients%
Mean age, y (range)59 (27-85)
M component
    Light chain3115.4
Salmon and Durie stage
    A (creatinine level < 2 mg/dL)17888.5
    B (creatinine level > 2 mg/dL)2311.5
Mean Hb level, g/dL (range)*10.9 (4.3-16)
Mean β2M level, mg/dL (range)4.3 (0-16.7)
Mean albumin level, mg/dL (range)3.8 (0.3-6)
    Conventional only6833.8
    Autologous or allogeneic SCT13366.2
  • * Hb level available in 197 patients.

  • β2M level available in 158 patients.

  • Albumin level available in 123 patients.