Table 1.

Demographic characteristics of study patients with CCR

All patients (N = 90)Durable CCR (n = 70)Relapse (n = 20)P, durable CCR vs relapse
Age, median (range)48.6 (24-78)47.8 (24-76)51.7 (25-78)NS
Gender (% male)515345NS
Months from leukemia diagnosis to start of imatinib, median (range)14 (0-155)13 (0-155)19 (1.4-89)NS
“Early” CML diagnosis (<6 mo pre-imatinib), %374025NS
Disease phase (at the time of starting imatinib) is chronic-phase CML (vs more advanced phases), %8287650.03
New CML (Hasford) risk score (Euro score) at diagnosis (21)*53% low risk; 34% intermediate risk; 13% high risk59% low risk; 35% intermediate risk; 6% high risk39% low risk; 31% intermediate risk; 31% high riskNS
Additional cytogenetic abnormalities at baseline, %171620NS
Average imatinib dose, mg/d440 (chronic phase); 580 (accelerated phase or blast crisis)440 (chronic phase); 560 (accelerated phase or blast crisis)450 (chronic phase); 610 (accelerated phase or blast crisis)NS
Other concomitant therapies (with imatinib)79% none; 9% IFN; 11% AraC; 1 pt each on Hsp70 vaccine and arsenic trioxide79% none80% noneNS
Months of follow-up on imatinib, median (range)49 (17-79)49 (17-79)52 (24-63)
Months to CCR, median (range)6.0 (1.9-48)6.3 (2.5-48)5.7 (1.9-40)NS
Post-CCR follow-up (mo), median (range)41 (8.7-68)41 (8.7-68)41 (18-60)
Log-drop RQ-PCR at the time of first CCR, median (range)2.2 (0.23-5.3)2.3 (1.2-5.3)1.7 (0.23-3.5)0.03
Months to achieve MMR, median (range; no. patients with MMR)17 (3-65; n = 76; 63 with CP)17 (5-65; n = 64; 56 with CP)18 (3-37; n = 12; 7 with CP)NS
No. lab monitoring visits per patient, median (range)10 (4-21)10 (4-18)10 (6-21)NS
Months between monitoring visits, median (range)3.0 (0.2-58)3.1 (0.2-58)3.0 (0.3-22)NS
  • Abbreviations: AraC, 1-β-d-arabinofuranosylcytosine (cytarabine); CP, chronic-phase CML; NS, no significant difference (durable CCR patients versus relapse patients).

  • * Complete baseline data (at time of diagnosis) available on only 47 patients.

  • Fifty-eight-month interval before imatinib therapy was initiated.