Table 2.

Summary of dose levels explored and number of cycles administered

Dose (mg/kg)
No. of patients treated4464127
Total no. of cycles administered71626144314
Mean no. of cycles (range)1.8 (1-2)4.0 (2-10)4.3 (1-13)*3.5 (2-6)4.3 (1-12)2.0 (1-4)
No. of patients requiring dose delay000221
  • NOTE: Number of cycles as of the database lock in May 2006.

  • * One subject in the 1 mg/kg cohort received 13 cycles before resection of his tumor. He subsequently received 11 additional cycles outside of the protocol.

  • One subject in the 10 mg/kg cohort has continued on study and has received 28 cycles as of January 2007.