Table 5.

Univariate nonparametric correlations between spontaneous physical activity and maximum exercise capacity, and measures of nutrition (weight loss, FFM) and inflammation (ESR, CRP, serum albumin) in cancer patients

Weight loss (%)−0.36<0.0002−0.30<0.02
ESR (mm/h)−0.27<0.006−0.37<0.003
CRP (mg/L)−0.28<0.004NS
Serum albumin (g/L)0.48<0.00010.29<0.02
FFM (kg)−0.35<0.00030.55<0.0001
ME (W)0.41<0.009NS
  • NOTE: Whole body FFM.

    Abbreviations: SPA, spontaneous physical activity; ME, maximum exercise; NS, not significant.

  • * Spearman rank correlation coefficient based on results from 49 cancer patients.