Table 2.

Mel39 peptide immunogenicity

HLAPeptideSource proteinN% Patients with immune responses in
% Evaluable patients with positive T-cell response overall
PBLSINOverallGroup AGroup B
HLA A1DAEKSDICTDEYTyrosinase1669%86%81%9067
HLA A2YMDGTMSQVTyrosinase2744%44%56%4767
HLA A3ALLAVGATKGp1002075%84%90%8692
Group A (four peptides) overall2669%72%77%
Group B (12 peptides) overall2483%92%100%
P (B vs A, overall)0.240.0760.012
  • NOTE: Immunogenicity is reported in both groups A and B for the four peptides DAEKSDICTDEY, YMDGTMSQV, YLEPGPVTA, and ALLAVGATK, which are included in both peptide vaccines. However, for the other eight peptides, where only patients in group B were vaccinated, immunogenicity is reported only for those patients. The numerator differs for the different peptides based on the number of evaluable patients with each HLA type. In the two columns to the right, patients with the appropriate HLA type in both groups are considered for overall reactivity to each peptide, even if they were not vaccinated with it.

  • * In group A patients, T-cell responses were not detected to these eight peptides, except in two cases, one with reactivity in a single peripheral blood mononuclear cell sample to MAGE-A3168-176 and once in the SIN to gp100209-2M.

  • χ2 test of association.