Table 2.

Normal donor and patient characteristics

DonorAge/SexHLA-DR genotypeSerum IgG* anti–MAGE-A6CD4 T cells anti–MAGE-A6StageStatusTreatment received
N.D.0149/M07, 13+
N.D.0264/M07, 16
N.D.0335/M11, 13+
N.D.0417/F03, 15
N.D.0644/M07, 13+
N.D.0741/F07, 15+
N.D.0842/F15, 16+
N.D.1047/M04, 15+
Mel0142/M01, 11IIMetS, I
Mel0262/M03, 07++IVMetS, I, C
Mel0380/M01, 04++INEDS
Mel0469/M03, 13+IIIMetS, I
Mel0537/F01, 07+++IIIMetS, R, I
Mel0675/M13, 14+IINEDS
Mel0769/M03, 07+IINEDS
Mel0875/M01, 07++INEDS
Mel0975/F04, 15+IVNEDS, R
Mel1130/MNT++IVMetS, C
Mel1234/F13, 15+IVMetS, I, R
Mel1363/M07, 13+++IVMetS, I, C
Mel1432/F01, 11NTIVMetS
Mel1567/F03, 09++IVMetS
Mel1645/M15, 17+IVMetS
Mel1754/F01, 13+IVNEDS
Mel1831/M01, 04++IVMetS
Mel1952/F11, 13IIMetS, C
Mel2038/F11, 13NTIVMetS, R
  • Abbreviations: C, chemotherapy; I, immunotherapy; Mel, melanoma patient; Met, metastatic disease; N.D., normal donor; NED, no evidence of disease at time of blood draw; NT, not tested; R, radiotherapy; S, surgery.

  • * Serum was evaluated for levels of anti–MAGE-A6 IgG using an ELISA-based protocol described in Materials and Methods. In these assays, a negative (−) or positive (+) Ab response was assigned if the ELISA value obtained from a 1/400 dilution of patient sera did not, or did (respectively), exceed the mean + 3 × SD ELISA value obtained for a 1/400 dilution of sera exceeded from the 10 normal donors. If the patients' ELISA value for a 1/1600 dilution also exceeded this normal donor value (i.e., mean + 3 × SD ELISA value obtained for a 1/400 dilution of sera), a double-plus (++) value was assigned.

  • Statistically significant CD4+ T cell response (IFN-γ ELISPOT) against one or more MAGE-A6–derived peptides (P < 0.05 versus CS peptide response).