Table 1.

Summary of TP53 mutations and VNTR1 LOH in the 12 adrenocortical tumors with TP53 mutation

Tumor no.LOH VNTR1Exon, nCodon baseConsequences of the mutation
1Yes512 bp del 129*4 amino acid deletion
2Yes51 bp del 153Frameshift after codon 153; stop codon after 16 missense residues
3No5152, CCG→CTG*; Pro→LeuMissense
4No5154, GGC→GTC*; Gly→ValMissense
5No5132, AAG→AAC*; Lys→AsnMissense
6No5176, TGC→TTC*; Cys→PheMissense
7No460, CCA→ACA*; Pro→ThrMissense
8274, GTT→TTT*; Val→PheMissense
8Yes47 bp ins 53Frameshift after codon 53; stop codon at codon 53
9Yes63 bp del 213; 2 bp ins 213Frameshift after codon 213; stop codon after 33 missense residues
10No8283, CGC→TGC*; Arg→CysMissense
11Yes10358, GAG→GTG*; Glu→ValMissense
12No10346, GAG→TAG*; Glu→StopNonsense