Table 4.

Clinical responses during the study follow-up period

Disease (patient no.)Dose (mg/kg)ObservationsOverall survival (wk)Comments
NHL (015)3.0CR>68Follicular B-cell lymphoma with large tumor masses at nodes above and below the diaphragm and at the mediastinum; no previous treatment; elimination of tumor masses by computed tomography scan noted 10 mo after CT-011 treatment
CLL (008)1.5SD>78Binet stage A with bone marrow involvement and at ECOG 3; received Leukeran ∼2 y before CT-011; stable for >17 mo
CLL (005)0.6SD36Binet stage C with large tumor masses not responding to chemotherapy or radiotherapy and allogeneic SCT; stable for 8 mo before deterioration
HL (006)0.6SD35Classification IVB; resistant disease, failed autologous SCT and radiotherapy; stable for 8 mo before deterioration
MM (017)6.0SD>60Common type, IgGκ at stage IA and ECOG 1 who did not receive any previous treatment for his disease; stable for >13 mo
AML (003/016)0.2/3.0MR61Second dose 5 mo after first dose; platelet transfusion independent for 9 mo; reduction in peripheral blasts (50% to 5%) on first dose
  • Abbreviations: CR, complete response; SD, stable disease; MR, minimal response.