Table 2.

Adverse events after each vaccination in the three groups of patients receiving HPV16 peptide vaccination

Adverse events1st vaccination
2nd vaccination
3rd vaccination
4th vaccination
Group 1: no. patients111086
    Grade 14441537644563134
    Grade 2161333
Group 2: no. patients15151310
        Grade 126131675345225
        Grade 26221
        Grade 1277237236115
        Grade 2111
Group 3: no. patients15131212
        Grade 167755725655
        Grade 211
        Grade 14323533124
        Grade 21
  • NOTE: The numbers represent number of patients with adverse events.

    Abbreviations: p, pain at vaccination site; r, redness at vaccination site; sw, swelling at vaccination site (scored as grade 2 when swelling >4 cm, although it was without necrosis); sys, systemic responses (fever, chills, odorous breath, itching, and malaise).