Table 1.

Characteristics of protein marker used in immunohistochemical analysis

APAF-1 (c)Proapoptotic protein with tumor-suppressing functionNCL APAF-11:40Novocastra
EGFR (c/m)Tyrosine kinase receptor involved in proliferation, differentiation, and angiogenesis3C63 mg/mLVentana Medical Systems
EphB2 (c/m)Tyrosine kinase receptor involved in deregulation of cell-cell interactions and metastasisAF4671:200R&D Systems
Ki-67 (n)Marker of proliferationMIB-11:100DAKOCytomation
MST1 (c)Proapoptotic proteinPolyclonal1:200Cell Signaling
p21 (n)Cell cycle arrest mediatorSX1181:20Novocastra
p27 (n)Inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinasesSX53G81:100DAKOCytomation
p53 (n)Tumor suppressor involved in cell cycle arrest, apoptosis, repair of DNA damage, and angiogenesisDO-71:200DAKOCytomation
RHAMM (c)Receptor for hyaluron involved in mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling and cell motility2D61:100Novocastra
RKIP (c)Metastasis suppressor and down-regulator of mitogen-activated protein kinase signalingPolyclonal1:1,000Upstate
  • Abbreviations: n, nuclear; m, membranous; c, cytoplasmic.