Table 5.

Interquartile ranges for survival time depicting the incremental value of the addition of each feature to poor outcome

FeatureCombinationInterquartile ranges (25%, 50%, 75%; mo)P*
N stageN093.0, NR, NR<0.001
>N012.0, 71.0, 142.0
RHAMMRHAMM−137.0, 142.0, NR<0.001
RHAMM+14.0, 63.0, NR
p21p21−25.0, 137.0, NR0.006
p21+NR, NR, NR
N stage RHAMMN0 RHAMM−NR, NR, NR<0.001
N0 RHAMM+36.0, NR, NR
>N0 RHAMM−17.0, 132.0, 142.0
>N0 RHAMM+9.0, 16.0, 78.0
N stage p21N0 p21−63.0, NR, NR<0.001
N0 p21+NR, NR, NR
N1 p21−10.0, 63.0, 137.0
N1 p21+14.0, 78.0, NR
RHAMM p21RHAMM− p21−63.0, 142.0, NR<0.001
RHAMM+ p21−10.0, 25.0, 93.0
RHAMM+ p21+23.0, NR, NR
N stage RHAMM p21N0 RHAMM− p21−NR, NR, NR<0.001
N0 RHAMM+ p21−25.0, 83.0, NR
>N0 RHAMM− p21−15.0, 137.0, 142.0
>N0 RHAMM+ p21−8.5, 14.0, 27.0
N0 RHAMM− p21+NR, NR, NR
N0 RHAMM+ p21+NR, NR, NR
>N0 RHAMM− p21+32.0, NR, NR
>N0 RHAMM+ p21+13.0, 47.0, NR
  • NOTE: Values indicate the time during which 25%, 50%, and 75% of deaths occurred for each possible combination of features.

    Abbreviation: NR, not reached.

  • * P values obtained from log-rank test.