Table 1.

Efficacy of nilotinib according to disease phase

Chronic phase (n = 321)Accelerated phase (n = 136)Myeloid blast crisis (n = 105)Lymphoid blast crisis (n = 31)
Imatinib resistant (%)7180NRNR
Complete hematologic response (%)77*261113
Major cytogenetic response (%)57313848
    Intolerant patients (%)6331NRNR
    Resistant patients (%)5529NRNR
Complete cytogenetic response (%)41192932
Overall survival (%)91 (18 mo)81 (12 mo)NRNR
Progression-free survival (%)64 (18 mo)57 (12 mo)NRNR
  • Abbreviation: NR, not reported.

  • * Two hundred and six patients were evaluable for complete hematologic response. The figures are based on the update of the phase II studies presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology (1618).