Table 2.

Final median estimates and 95% confidence intervals of gemcitabine dose-driven pharmacodynamic model variables from 988 successful runs at the bootstrapping final model

Between-subject variability
Median95% CI%95% CI
Size0, tumor size measurement at baseline (cm)6.665.66-7.7755.645.1-66.1
Tturnover, tumor turnover (cm·week)21.87.97-83.823.10.58 × 10−5 to 93.0
Amt50, gemcitabine dose at 50% tumor size shrinkage (mg)10600705-19,89714685.9-300
t1/2,eq, effect equilibration half-life (wk)7.671.07-17.6
Residual error
Proportional error0.1850.094-0.268
Additive error0.1170.001-0.327
  • Abbreviation: 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.