Table 1.

Demographic and clinicopathologic data regarding the lung cancer and respiratory epithelial samples studied for Fus1 immunohistochemical expression

Type and histology of samplesNo.Sex
Smoking history
Smoking status
Total cancers303155148
        Squamous cell carcinoma109436660351138619195432
Total epithelial foci3291361932745050120145
    Normal epithelium6835335315152627
    Squamous metaplasia231013182299
    Low grade dysplasia1468140086
    High grade dysplasia48123644441124
  • * Staging is shown only for NSCLC cases. All SCLCs were limited stage.

  • Patient smoking history was not available for seven NSCLC and five epithelial specimens.

  • Patient smoking status was not available for 12 SCLC, 11 NSCLC, and 14 epithelial specimens.