Table 3.

Univariate and multivariate Cox model assessing effects of covariates on overall survival

(A) Univariate Cox model
VariableAll stages (n = 280)
Stages I and II (n = 213)
Hazard ratioPHazard ratioP
HistologySquamous cell vs. adenocarcinoma1.5850.021.6670.03
Tumor*T2 + 3 + 4 vs. T12.0240.002
T2 + 3 vs. T12.1750.002
Lymph node*N1 + 2 vs. N02.1220.00032.5310.0002
N1 vs. N0
Tumor stage*II + III + IV vs. I2.010.0005
II vs. I2.470.0002
Fus1 score mean0.9990.700.9990.61
Fus1 score levelLow vs. negative0.5350.060.5020.07
Intermediate vs. negative0.7440.350.8310.60
High§ vs. negative0.6850.280.5360.13
(B) Multivariate Cox model
All stages
Stages I and II
Hazard ratio
Hazard ratio
HistologySquamous cell vs. adenocarcinoma1.5280.041.4380.13
Tumor stage*II + III + IV vs. I2.1630.0002
II vs. I2.5190.0004
Fus1 score levelLow vs. negative0.3570.0020.3120.003
Intermediate vs. negative0.4740.020.5440.10
High§ vs. negative0.5180.060.4150.03
  • * Pathologic tumor, lymph node, and metastasis stage.

  • Low and intermediate, reduced Fus1 immunohistochemical expression.

  • Negative, absence of Fus1 immunohistochemical expression.

  • § High, preserved or normal Fus1 immunohistochemical expression.