Table 1.

Patient characteristics

Total no. patients treated25
No. patients evaluable for toxicity24
No. patients inevaluable for toxicity1*
No. patients evaluable for response21
No. patients inevaluable for response4
Median (range) age, y65 (43-77)
Sex (men/women)13/12
Median (range) no. prior therapies2 (0-4)
Type of prior therapy
    Gemcitabine alone9
    Gemcitabine with other chemotherapy9
    Other chemotherapy4
    No prior therapy3
Median (range) time from diagnosis, mo8 (1-67)
  • * Gastric outlet obstruction on day 1.

  • Gastric outlet obstruction on day 1 (n = 1), noncompliant (n = 1), and lost to or inadequate follow-up (n = 2).