Table 2.

Baseline cytokine levels and responses

Participant groupBaseline IL-6 level (pg/mL)Baseline IL-8 level (pg/mL)Baseline IL-10 level (pg/mL)Baseline IL-1RA level (pg/mL)
Normal volunteers, median (range)Undetectable (undetectable to 4.3)Undetectable (undetectable to 33.0)Undetectable (undetectable to 18.0)275.0 (65.0-1,484.0)
Patients with pancreatic cancer, median (range)5.9 (2.9-36.0)30.6 (12.0-235.0)13.4 (<3.9-25.0)507.0 (275.0-1,757.0)
    Patient 8 (73% decrease according to Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors)2.725.07.61,071.7
    Patient 14 (stable for ≥12 months)5.5255.219.471,757.2
  • NOTE: The lower limits of the assay sensitivity were as follows: IL-6, 0.7 pg/mL; IL-8, 3.5 pg/mL; IL-10, 3.9 pg/mL; and IL-1RA, 22.0 pg/mL.