Table 1.

Responses following treatment with panobinostat

IDTreatment duration (wk)Dose (mg)Biopsy for correlative studiesResponse
PGA (days to onset)PGA (best response)CA (days to onset)Best responseTime to response (d)Time to progression (d)Overall survivalReason for discontinuationFollow-up (months since initiation)
101430YesPR (105)0PR (62)CR* (172)62252368Adverse event (grade 3 diarrhea)12
1021020YesSD5SDSDN/A791,109+Disease progression23
1032420YesPR (106)0PR (106)CR (190)1063389,711+Subject withdrew consent22
1041420YesPR (57)3SDPR57106545Adverse event (grade 3 diarrhea)4
1051420YesPD5N/A§PDN/A1031,010+Disease progression5
106820YesSD4SDSDN/A56871+Adverse event (prolonged cytopenia)3
10711620NoPR (113)2N/A§N/A1137941,001+Disease Progression27
109420NoPD6SDPDN/A2748Disease progression2
1103820NoPR (57)2PR (57)PR57256844+Disease progression10
1113620NoPR (28)1PR (85)PR28254259+Disease progression9
  • * Other non-drug-related toxicity: grade 3 atrial fibrillation (see text).

  • CR occurred 167 days following last dose of LBH.

  • Due to grade 2 fatigue.

  • § Total body involvement at baseline response based solely on PGA.

  • Due to progressive disease on study.