Table 3.

Comparison of mutant allele frequencies estimated by subcloning and RSI

Tumor IDExonSequencing of tumor DNA*Sequencing of clonesMutant allele frequency
RSI (%)Cloning(%)
4_13763 deletion763 delCTCTACG2018/5632
4_62613 G>T613 G>T4017/4835
4_82652 A>G652 A>G5021/3855
4_121469 C>T469 C>T409/3129
4_162581 deletion581 deletion3021/5836
4_313IVS2-1 G>AIVS2-1 G>A253/408
4_473752 deletion752 delTCGTCA3018/5433
4_532574 insertion574 delGA1020/5735
4_652570 deletion570 delCAGAGAT2024/5544
4_702665 T>C665 T>C3021/5042
  • * Insertions and deletions were not characterized in initial tumor DNA sequences.

  • RSI of mutant allele compared with total fluorescence.

  • Number of positive transformants.