Table 1.

Patient characteristics

n% (range)
No. patients evaluable29100
Primary sites (histology)*
        Non–small cell lung cancer620.7
        Small cell lung cancer26.9
    Head and neck
        Squamous cell carcinoma517.2
        Infiltrating ductal310.3
        Infiltrating lobular13.4
        Clear cell13.4
        Papillary adenocarcinoma13.4
    Sarcoma extremity
        Malignant fibrous histiocytoma310.3
        Papillary serous13.4
No. metastatic lesions treated56100%
    No. lung lesions1832%
    No. liver lesions916%
    No. nodal lesions1323%
    No. osseous lesions916%
    No. adrenal lesions611%
    No. soft tissue masses12%
Mean no. sites per patients2(1-5)
No. exposed to systemic therapy before protocol radiotherapy2481%
Mean no. courses of systemic therapy1.7(0-9)
Mean no. systemic agents exposed to2.5(0-11)
  • * Numbers do not add to 100% due to rounding.