Table 1.

Cell line selection criteria

Cell lineTissue of originFAS expression levelsGradual FAS knockdown predicted to affect FAS pathway activityContext of FAS expression and pathway activity
HCT-116ColonMediumYes; very amenable to transfectionMutant ras; PI3K/mitogen-activated protein kinase inhibitors reduce FAS expression and lipid biosynthesis
A2780OvaryMediumYes; very amenable to transfectionMutant ras, mitogen-activated protein kinase family members, and PTEN; sensitive to Akt inhibition
PC-3ProstateMedium-lowYesPTEN (−/−); sensitive to Akt inhibition or PTEN expression
LNCaPProstateHighPossibly, but difficult to transfect and slow growingPTEN (−/−); PI3K pathway activated
Sk-Br-3BreastVery highNoHigh HER-2 expression; sensitive to pharmacologic FAS inhibition (12)
MDA-MB-231BreastLowYesNot very sensitive to FAS inhibition (low HER-2/neu expression)