Table 3.

Results of multivariate modeling of DFS and OS

FactorClinical outcome
Tumor size ≥3 cm2.64 (1.42-4.92)2.52 (1.23-5.14)
Either HOXB13/IL17BR high or decreased CYP2D6 metabolism2.03 (1.04-3.94)2.41 (1.08-5.37)
Both HOXB13/IL17BR high and decreased CYP2D6 metabolism3.10 (1.34-7.17)3.15 (1.17-8.52)
  • NOTE: Multivariate modeling based on tumor size, and the three risk group models comparing presence of one high-risk feature (defined as the presence of either decreased CYP2D6 metabolism or a HOXB13/IL17BR gene ratio ≥−1.339) or two high-risk features (defined as the presence of both decreased CYP2D6 metabolism and a HOXB13/IL17BR gene ratio ≥−1.339) relative to CYP2D6 extensive metabolizers with a HOXB13/IL17BR <−1.339 HRs and corresponding 95% CIs.